Covering the sides of a Cake with Chocolate Transfer Sheets 
Ice your cake with either buttercream or chocolate ganache! Either are delicious and suit the chocolates on the sides. Consider the colour of your buttercream or ganache depending if you are using a white coloured chocolate or dark chocolate.

Cut the chocolate transfer sheet in a strip long enough to fit around the cake. You can tape strips together to go around even the largest of cakes. Just ensure you put the tape on the smooth side (ie the non transferable side).

Place your strip on top of a silicone mat, baking paper or foil, rough-textured design facing up. Place one enough chocolate in medium metal bowl; set bowl over saucepan of simmering water (do not allow bottom of bowl to touch water). Stir until chocolate is smooth and very warm to touch (about 115F or 46c ). You will need approximately 1lb or 600g of chocolate to cover around the edge of a 10" cake which is about 2-3 inches high. Always make sure you have more than enough!

Pour the melted chocolate onto 1 transfer sheet strip. Using a long spatula or similar cover the entire strip and dont worry if its running off the sides because you want to make sure you have covered it all!

Allow the chocolate to begin to set. This is when it loses its gloss but is still flexible (5-10 minutes on a moderate weather day). The trick here is you do not want your chocolate to set too hard as you wil not be able to mould it around the cake.

Using your fingers (Latex gloves are good for this job), gently lift the strip and place it carefully around the cake, allow the chocolate to adhere/mould to the sides of the cake. Press the chocolate-coated side of the transfer around the cake to encircle it completely. If you have measured correctly you should have a neat meeting of the strips.

Refrigerate cake until chocolate strips are firm, about 30 minutes. Then you can gently peel back the chocolate transfer strip

Chill cake at least 3 hours and up to 1 day. Decorate with mounded fruit, decorations or as you please.

Some Hints and Tips To help:

Spread melted chocolate thinly on the sheet, it doesnt need to be thick. You can let it set, then peel off the transfer sheet and break up for some gorgeous decorations for ice creams, desserts and cakes.

You can cut up transfer sheets and put them on chocolate cookies that have not yet set, or on hand made chocolates! Lovely bonboniere idea. (See Sara's cookies she made below with our sheets, Talented Lady!) She has used the (View our Transfer Sheets Here) Marrakesh and Baba Designs.
Transfer sheets are flexible and can be shaped any way you choose. Check this little video out.
See Video Here
Chocolate Transfer Sheets should last until you use them. It's merely cocoa butter and powdered coloring embossed onto a clear acetate sheet. Store flat and dry.

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What is Sanding Sugar?  

Sanding Sugar is a fine decorating sugar. It is slightly courser than table sugar and has a lovely shimmer to it. These brilliantly colored sugar crystals are used as an edible decoration that will not dissolve when subjected to heat, which makes them ideal for baking. Also called decorating sugar, sanding sugar adds "sparkle" to all your cakes, cookies, cupcakes and even on chocolate.

You can do so much with sanding sugar from simple to complex pictures using different colours. You can even try mix some colours together to achieve your own colours.

We offer a wonderful array of colours. We also offer wholesale discounts to registered bakers who hold ABN numbers.

Checkout our New Range HERE

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Chocolate Transfer Sheets Just in 

Our new shipment of Chocolate Transfer Sheets has just arrived! Dont they look great. The detail is amazing and we think you will love them. At only 8.80 for an a3 sheet, thats a lot of sheet you can cover. See the Range Here.

Remember chocolate transfers sheets arent just for little chocolates. Check out these cakes made with Chocolate Transfer Sheets courtesy of -

Covered in buttercream with the chocolate transfer sheet with chocolate, over the top. We think they look fantastic and bet they are mouthwatering too.

We will do our best to put up some instruction on covering your cakes with transfer sheets in the next couple of weeks. We hear you can use them with fondant as well, we will look this up and see how it works!

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