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Mothers Day Newsletter 

SAME DAY DESPATCH ON ORDERS PLACED BEFORE 11AM - Our new bigger and very well organised warehouse means we are now offering same day despatch on orders placed and paid for by 11am (credit card payments or paypal). Please note customised edible images may take a further day to process due to print set up.

NEW STOCK ONLINE - we received 10 pallets of goodies last week, so your favourite cupcake decorations, candy melts, plungers and more are all back in stock!

$8.95 FLAT RATE DELIVERY - means you never pay more and with most of our deliveries on a trackable delivery solutions you know your package has been sent.

New store - come and visit our new store in Darra, its choc full of cake decorating supplies and ideas. Our new bigger and brighter classroom will be a complete inspiration to learn in.

Check out some great items on sale this week - PME smoothers, Plunger cutters, edible diamonds and more!

Use your Mothers Day gift voucher of $10.00 off any spend over $100.00 until the 31st of May 2011. (Total does not include postage). Enter GFMDAY10 in the coupon box on checkout for your special to apply.

Above all wishing all the delightful, hardworking, caring and super Mums out there, a really happy Mothers Day. We hope you all get spoilt rotten and dont have to bake today (unless you want too).

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Movie Film Reel and Popcorn Cake  

Lucks has inspired us with another gorgeous cake for a birthday. This movie real and popcorn birthday cake would make anyone happy. Whats great is its suitable for male or female. You can customise the edible images to represent their life. Or if you are having a themed party make the images part of the theme.

SIZE: Two 2-layer 6” rounds (film reels) and miscellaneous tapered stack (popcorn)

If there were an Oscar Award for cakes, this fabulous gem might just win…

1. At least a day ahead, cut four 8” discs from rolled fondant (you can add some cmc or gum trag to help dry), and let dry. Spray with several coats of Lucks Silver Shimmer Airbrush Color (Item #43543), letting dry thoroughly between coats. This will take several hours if not a day or more, in order to coat each disc on both sides.

2. A day ahead, mix some fondant with Lucks Super Red Liqua-Gel Color (Item #45284) and roll out. Cut a “ticket” rectangle approximately 3.5” x 6” in size, and cut out half circles at each end using a round circle cutter. Let dry.

3. Mix black royal icing using Lucks Coal Black Liqua-Gel Color (Item #45290), and with a #4 plain round tube (Item #12752), pipe an appropriate message and outline the ticket. Let dry.

4. Next, assemble the popcorn bucket. This can be done in a variety of ways. Layer three 5” rounds and taper with a serrated knife, or fashion from cereal box or even styrofoam. Whichever format you choose, ice the form with white icing.

5. For the red stripes, use Lucks Red Liquid Airbrush Color (Item #10166) to either spray over Rose Pink Shimmer Ribbons™ (Item #45558, shown), mix into fondant, or mix into icing. If applying as Shimmer Ribbons™, trim sides of ribbons by a few millimeters; if applying stripes as icing, use a #2B large basket weave tip (Item #22497). Tip: once the colored stripes have been applied, chill the cake.

6. Prepare “film reel” imagery. First, lay out photos of the celebrated individual(s) in whatever graphics software you are familiar with; the film edging can be created freehand, or with a commercial frame found on the internet.

7. Once your photos have been arranged, use your Print-On-Demand system or (Cakes Around Towns printing service) to print images prior to icing the 6” cakes. Tip: you’ll need three strips of photos running the full length (11”) of the Standard Print-Ons® Sheet (Item #41100) to cover both cakes; these can be laid out using one or two full Print-Ons® sheets, depending on the final height of your layer cakes.

8. Trim each strip of images and leave on backing until ready to use.

9. Ice both 6” cakes, and apply trimmed Edible Image® designs to the sides of the cakes.

10. Sandwich each cake between two silvered fondant discs, then stack one atop the other, attaching with icing.

11. Remove popcorn box from cooler and affix on the film reels with icing. Using a #8 plain round tube (Item #12756) and white icing, pipe a straight trim around the top edge of the box. Pipe a blob of white icing on top of the box, or lay down a cupcake top; pipe random popcorn shapes over the entire mound, and accent lightly with Lucks Yellow Liquid Airbrush Color (Item #10167).

12. For added realism, 20 or so small fondant flowers can be made and formed ahead of time, then painted with a deep yellowish/brown center dot to look like popped kernel material. Mix yellow and Lucks Brown Liquid Airbrush Color (Item #10159) to paint kernel dot.

13. Finish by attaching the ticket stub as shown, with icing or fondant.

Decorating idea by Charra Jarosz

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